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ISO 19119 schemas - 15 Nov 2006

This folder contains Version of 15 November 2006 of the ISO 19119 schemas, and consist of:

  • the 19139 schemas Version 0.0 dated 4 May 2006. This is the final version of the XML Schemas for release as candidate TS. 19139 schemas group the following namespaces: gmx, gmd, gss, gts, gsr and gco.
  • the 19119 schemas draft version dated 15 November 2006, in the srv namespace.
  • a description of the schemas as a Word document including an issue report on the problems encountered during the generation.
  • a list of the changes applied to this version of the schemas.

Note: The schemas and their documentation are also available in a zip archive.

Changes applied to the schemas

  • modification of the maximum cardinality of SV_ServiceIdentification.restrictions to n to allow the description of both legal and security constraints.
  • property order in SV_ServiceIdentification: couplingType (mandatory) is now implemented before coupledResource (optional).
  • modification of the maximum cardinality to n for SV_ServiceSpecification.typeSpec and SV_PlatformNeutralServiceSpecification.implSpec as a way to implement the qualifiers on these relationships.
  • suppression of the inheritance relationships between SV_ServiceSpecification, SV_PlatformNeutralServiceSpecification and SV_PlatformSpecificServiceSpecification that were primarily intended as a way to share the two attributes name and opModel of the supertype SV_ServiceSpecification and not its relationship to SV_Interface. A new abstract type SV_AbstractServiceSpecification with two attributes name and opModel has been created; SV_ServiceSpecification, SV_PlatformNeutralServiceSpecification and SV_PlatformSpecificServiceSpecification now derive from this abstract type. The aggregation relationships between these three types are maintained.
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